Fresh, New Reads for a Fresh, New School Year




“There is no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading and kids who have not found the right book.” – James Patterson 

Books are a powerful tool for getting students excited about reading, and teaching the critical literacy skills that are fundamental to future success. Whether your new school year has already started or is still a few days or weeks (lucky you!) away, count on us as your trusted literacy partner—always here to help you find the books and resources you need to create a strong culture of literacy and learning.

563b4824-6ce7-4e4d-b8af-fd25ce27aab9.pngCreating a Culture of Engaged Readers

Kelli Westmoreland answers common classroom library questions and shares ideas for integrating authentic literature into daily instruction in our NEW Classroom Library Video Series. Watch and learn!

dfdf1721-8251-4acc-b61f-9e547f0a44fa.jpgAn Overlooked Key to Success? Teaching Teachers How to Teach Reading

See how one school successfully transitioned to a school-wide literacy model that reinforces reading instruction alongside math, science and history lessons. “We decided to teach our teachers first.”

830e82ff-a1ad-451a-911b-0412a72cb18c.png9 Books for Getting Students Excited About the Total Solar Eclipse

Use these lesson ideas and recommended titles to bring the eclipse into your classroom, while also introducing Next Generation Science Standards like Earth’s Place in the Universe and Engineering.

5813e12c-ca7f-418b-ac70-5d25b9499afa.jpgTeaching Empathy in the Classroom
“When we can turn numbers into names, and put students in the shoes of people who are not themselves, only then can we begin to build the empathy our country—and our world—needs to survive.” Timely words from author Alan Gratz on the power of story and his new book Refugee.



Short on time this back-to-school season?
Let us find the “just right” books for your students.

  1. Tell us about your budget, curriculum, standards, desired reading levels, number of books needed—whatever you want to share.
  2. We’ll do the research and hand-pick the best titles, based on your specifications, our expertise and education best practices.
  3. When you’re ready, all you have to do is order. It’s that easy!


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6b57e645-2c05-4343-8537-cbe0381fb089Special Edition:
New titles for the new school year

094ced8d-39d3-464a-a228-930ca61d2999Kick off the new school year with our crop of fall titles from Stenhouse authors you have come to trust, as well as some fresh, new voices.

Many of our new titles are already available for online preview and all of them are available for preorder. Stay tuned to Newslinks and follow us on Twitter for regular updates on books and authors.

Browse our new fall catalog now!

fb4711d3-aa80-425d-b843-2635e20b8cc8.gifStrategies That Work, Third Edition
Teaching Comprehension for Understanding, Engagement, and Building Knowledge, Grades K-8
Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis

Thirty new lessons and new and revised chapters shine a light on children’s thinking, curiosity, and questions. Steph and Anne show you how to explicitly teach thinking strategies so that students become engaged, thoughtful, independent readers.

Now available • 320 pp/paper • $37.00 • Grades K‑8

05a30e05-31cf-491d-86e1-db8e74fa8e5e.gifMentor Texts, Second Edition
Teaching Writing Through Children’s Literature, K-6
Lynne Dorfman and Rose Cappelli
Foreword by Linda Hoyt

In the second edition of this important book, Lynne and Rose show you how to help students become confident, accomplished writers by using literature as their foundation. Includes brand-new “Your Turn” lessons and an updated “Treasure Chest” of annotated children’s book titles.

Now available • 382 pp/paper • $28.00 • Grades K‑6

93aef102-cff4-40e1-a3ea-d266fc35d7c0.gifThe Daily Five Classroom Library Collections
Gail Boushey and Joan Moser

Update your classroom library and go deeper with The Daily 5, Second Edition and The CAFE Book with these exclusive collections of fiction and nonfiction books for your classroom. Each grade collection includes 200 popular and recently published titles.

Now available • Grades K‑5

Become a Better—and More Authentic—Writing Teacher
Shawna Coppola
Foreword by Thomas Newkirk

When was the last time you shook up your writing instruction? Shawna challenges writing teachers to rethink and revise their practice regularly—leading to renewal of their professional lives.

Now available • 128 pp/paper • $16.00 • Grades K‑8

8ea80793-e9c7-49ff-a1e5-3fa869947bd5.gifPowerful Book Introductions
Leading with Meaning for Deeper Thinking
Kathleen Fay, Chrisie Moritz, and Suzanne Whaley
Foreword by Pat Johnson

A thoughtful guide to this important part of the guided reading practice. The authors share their planning process and advice on selecting texts, encouraging discussions, highlighting text structures, exploring sentence structure, and solving words.

Shipping next week • 200 pp/paper • $23.00 • Grades K‑3

14882c32-d4c2-4feb-8f1c-d1864750bf80.gifWhich One Doesn’t Belong? Shapes Posters
Christopher Danielson

Upgrade your walls and your instruction with this new set of shapes posters. Designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and conversation about geometry, the posters address misconceptions and move beyond treating geometry as vocabulary to memorize.

Eight 18″x24″ full-color posters and 4-page teacher’s guide
Now available • $35.00 • Grades K‑12

773d3249-5afd-49de-b05b-aff4ba66c222.gifDeveloping Readers in the Academic Disciplines, Second Edition
Doug Buehl

Doug Buehl strips away the one-size-fits-all approach to literacy and presents a much-needed instructional model for disciplinary literacy, showing how to mentor middle and high school learners to become “academic insiders.” Thoroughly revised, with new approaches for encouraging inquiry around disciplinary texts.

Now available • 360 pp/paper • $35.00 • Grades 6‑12

ad842987-baa3-4bb2-81aa-3c27d9050b6d.gifA Closer Look
Learning More About Our Writers with Formative Assessment
Lynne Dorfman and Diane Dougherty
Foreword by Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan

Lynne and Diane provide the tools and strategies you need to use formative assessment in writing workshop. Through their ideas, you will be able to establish an environment where students can assess their own writing and becoming independent writers.

Coming in September • 160 pp/paper • $23.00 • Grades K‑6

06688a8c-02bd-45e6-85a9-d78432c9fb59.gifSuper Spellers
Seven Steps to Transforming Your Spelling Instruction
Mark Weakland
Foreword by Richard Gentry

Are you frustrated with how spelling is traditionally taught? This practical book gives you an approach that’s research-based, focused, developmentally appropriate, and tied to authentic reading and writing.

Coming in September • 192 pp/paper • $24.00 • Grades K‑5

00142b21-c76b-4cff-b733-a715872165f6.gifEnticing Hard-to-Reach Writers
Ruth Ayres

In this moving, personal book, Ruth Ayres explores stories and their power to heal children from troubled backgrounds, and offers up strategies for helping students discover their own stories of strength and survival.

Coming in October • 176 pp/paper • $21.00 • Grades K‑8

b7b6931d-f612-40ba-8deb-8370e0370138.gifPatterns of Power
Inviting Young Writers into the Conventions of Language, Grades 1-5
Jeff Anderson with Whitney LaRocca

Jeff and Whitney help you set up everything you need to immerse yourself in the process of inviting elementary students to experiment and play with language. Includes more than seventy practical, ready-to-use lessons.

Coming in October • 416 pp/paper • $38.00 • Grades 1‑5

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Set the Stage for Independent Reading



6b57e645-2c05-4343-8537-cbe0381fb089In This Issue:
1.  Set the stage for independent reading
2.  Just in time for back-to-school: 3 online learning options
3.  Rethinking first-day writing to better engage kids
4.  Catch up on the Stenhouse Summer Blogstitute

1) Set the stage for independent reading

unnamedNo matter what level of experience you have with book introductions, your knowledge will spiral upwards as you read this text.
—Pat Johnson

In Powerful Book Introductions, literacy leaders Kathleen Fay, Chrisie Moritz, and Suzanne Whaley take a close look at purposefully planning for effective book introductions that set the stage for young readers to navigate texts independently and successfully.

Through relatable classroom examples and the wisdom of their shared teaching experiences, the authors show you how to select texts, amplify meaning making, and introduce visual and structural information as a way to support your readers.

No matter where you are in your understanding of guided reading, Powerful Book Introductions will help you as you to craft student-centered, meaning-driven book introductions that prepare your readers for success.

Preorder now; copies will start shipping in mid-August. Preview the entire book:

Powerful Book Introductions
Leading with Meaning for Deeper Thinking
Kathleen Fay, Chrisie Moritz, and Suzanne Whaley
Foreword by Pat Johnson
Grades K-3 • 200 pp • $23.00 • Available mid-August

2) Just in time for back-to-school: 3 online learning options

unnamed.jpgDo you want to learn from your favorite Stenhouse math authors from the comfort of your home? Join Christina Tondevold for the free Build Math Minds (BMM) Virtual Summit that brings together 30 presenters, including:

This online conference starts July 31 and runs through August 2. All sessions will be archived and available through August 7. Register here:

unnamed.jpgIf you are looking to jump-start your literacy practice, The 2 Sisters Company is offering a Daily 5 and CAFE Quick Start seminar. This two-module, self-paced seminar supports teachers preparing to launch Daily 5 and CAFE simultaneously in the literacy classroom. The cost of the seminar is $70. Sign up and begin anytime through September 21:

unnamed.jpgUpdate your classroom library and go deeper with The Daily 5 and The CAFE Book with this exclusive collection of fiction and nonfiction books for your classroom:

unnamed.gifNurture independence in your young learners with help from Debbie Diller and the online, self-paced workshop built around her book, Growing Independent Learners. Jam-packed with video clips showing Debbie in action in classrooms with teachers and with students, this online workshop is a must-have for all K-3 teachers:

Preview Lesson 1:

3) Rethinking first-day writing to better engage kids

unnamed.jpgIn a recent article on MiddleWeb, Shawna Coppola, author of Renew! encourages teachers to think about what message their instructional choices send to students about their abilities and possibilities as writers:

Preview Shawna’s book online:


4) Catch up on the Stenhouse Summer Blogstitute


Catch up on what’s been going on during our Summer Blogstitute series.

Franki Sibberson and Karen Szymusiak share ideas for using sticky notes with transitional readers:

Ruth Culham invites you to consider the traits of writing when revising:

Jennifer McDonough and Kristin Ackerman talk about why writing teachers must write:

Kathy Short writes about the importance of “teaching globally”:

And Vicki Meigs-Kahlenberg urges teachers to make writing assignments that really matter to their students:

Get updates for future Blogstitute posts:

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